Swarovski Majidi Mall Erbil PageSince the foundation of the brand name in 1895, the persistence of passion in innovation and creative design has made Swarovski the world’s premier jewelry and accessory key player within the luxury retail. Today, the brand seeks to continue with the same tradition of delivering extraordinary jewelry styles to women but also offering an extensive variety of accessories, watches and home decoration masterworks. Over the years, Swarovski’s creative process is uniquely prolific. With 125 years of mastered craftsmanship, every piece has a story following a trend curation, design and meaningful branding. The continuous evolution of material and technique makes Swarovski the leader of crystal cut creations.Swarovski’s know-how not only focuses on refining the crystal, it also explores methods that make the most incredible pieces possible. Our attention to detail ensures that each and every piece will always be made of the highest quality. This expertise is infused in every step of the creative process, from initial design sketches through assembly. All this Swarovski magic is accomplished with the innovation in terms of products display, the reveal of the new octagonal boxes, the multi-color branding themes and finally the worldwide launches of the new Wonderlab concept. Follow Swarovski Iraq Instagram page @swarovski_iraq to check our latest updates.

Year Created 1895
Floor: First Floor

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