Majidi Mall The Shopping Paradise

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Project Details

Majidi Mall Shopping & Entertaining Centre was constructed by Hewa Holding. "The preparation project was drawn up by DOĞAN TEKELI , while the applicant project took on their final shape under the advisory capacity of Hewa Holding of the Majidi Mall Project Centre."

Total Area: 120.000M2
Total Construction Area: 60.000M2
Covered Construction Field: 60.000M2
Car Parking: 42.000M2
Green Area: 30.000M2
Road Area: 18.000M2

About Us

Majidi Mall Shopping and Entertaining Centre, one of the largest shopping and entertainment Centre’s in Iraq. Opened doors to visitors on 23 November 2009. Visitors have the opportunity to shop in ana acclimatized, hygienic and safe environment combining daylight and the spaciousness of outside streets thanks to its architectural design,which pushes new boundaries in the understanding of the shopping Centre.

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Khaznasan Road / Erbil - IRAQ
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